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Ronit Peskin addressing the Jewish Federation General Assembly

Don’t miss video from the GA session, “The Wall at the Heart of Israel: How it Connects and Divides a Nation.”

Chicago Jewish News: The Other Side of the Wall

Peskin and co-founder Leah Aharoni are going on separate speaking tours of the United States to offer their views on the controversial Israeli group Women of the Wall and explain why they believe that group is alienating American Jews.

An Open Letter to Lucy Sattler

Women of the Wall use lots of good catch-phrases: women’s rights, freedom of worship, Rosa Parks, pluralism, and equality. When truth seekers like yourself, Lucy, are given the chance to hear the other perspective, their past support for Women of the Wall simply melts away.

WOW Desecrates Torah Scroll; Caught Sneaking Sefer Torah in Duffel Bag

Today Women Of the Wall expressed disdain for sacred Jewish objects, the police, and Israeli civil law in one fell swoop.

Daniel Greenfield: Did Women of the Wall Fake a Hate Crime Against Itself?

“I have no idea if Women of the Wall faked the graffiti. It certainly comes at a convenient time for them and redirects away the many questions that have been raised about the group. The Anti-Israel left has a history of faking hate crimes against itself and anyone can scrawl some graffiti on a wall.”