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Women for the Wall (W4W for short) is run by a coalition led by Ronit Peskin. These women, from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, all share the common goal of making prayer at the Kotel a more pleasant experience for everyone, while maintaining an atmosphere of sanctity (Kedusha) and respect for Jewish tradition.

If you want to join us, contact Ronit and you can also work with us to promote this cause.

6 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Sholom
    Just to tell you that when I opened your site with OPERA it went crazy but when I opened it with FIREFOX it is okay

  2. Shahla Farivar

    Once more with the Best Wishes for your Success in your Great Mitzvah.

  3. Dannie Klompsma

    Much better initiative than the hysterical yeshive-bochurim shouting at ‘the other women’!
    Keep up the good work in reaching these goals by showing proper Yiddische midos and showing the beauty and kedusha of the traditional Jewish concepts in such a special place!
    A big ‘Yeyasher Kocheich’ to all of you!

  4. I see both sides of the issue and respect the views of both sides.

    I believe that everybody should take the politics out of the issue and focus on the purpose of what the wall is and what it represents.

    The Muslim world would be in an uproar so loud that it would be the equivalent of an earthquake if some Muslim women would get together and try and change how people at the Al-Aqska mosque pray even though they may pray differently in their homes or local areas of worship or whatever they choose to call it.

    Whys should the wailing wall be any different?

    If a Korean tourist for example goes to the Wailing Wall, they put on a paper hat to cvoer their hat as opposed to a yarmulke of whatever color be it black or knitted, etc. even though they may be a Taoist or a Buddhist, Christian or a Confucionist or any variation on the theme.

    Good luck and say a prayer for tolerance and respect for those of a different point of view and for common sense to prevail.

  5. I think most individuals forget that Judaism promotes the role of the woman. They are considered more spiritual and ARE held to that esteem more than men. I believe that this organization remains true to the role of the Jewish woman that kept us alive through good times and of the bad times. Please keep Klal Yisrael in your prayers.

  6. Having grown as a gentile who is learning about my Jewish roots, I can tell you that Jewish women are spiritual but quite strong and the glue that holds the family together. I support what you do. I have seen the effects on mixed marriages and liberalism in Jews. It is not good.

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