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One People One Kotel

Nothing else to add!  

Denying Others their Right to Pray

Today, Women For the Wall unveiled a video collection of unscripted interviews with Jerusalem residents. Though these were random interviews on the steps down to the Wall, all were unanimous in their condemnation of what they characterized as inappropriate and disruptive conduct by the Women of the Wall.

Why Women of the Wall is hurting – not helping – the “dancing girls”

“I couldn’t hear anything, not because of the mechitzah, but because of Women of the Wall trying to overpower our minyan while standing right on top of us.”

Fun and Games at the Kotel

t seems that the Women of the Wall and their leader Anat Hoffman have not gotten the message. Israel has changed recently. The boys, the war have brought us together. We have been trying to be more sensitive, more tolerant, and more caring. But that doesn’t always help when you need to raise money for a cause.

Anat, Don’t Ram a Bus into Israel’s Newfound Unity

The new campaign signals that WoW is not interested in compromise. Its agenda involves continuously pushing for new gains and undermining the quiet at the Kotel.