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Anat, Don’t Ram a Bus into Israel’s Newfound Unity

The new campaign signals that WoW is not interested in compromise. Its agenda involves continuously pushing for new gains and undermining the quiet at the Kotel.

Stop the Division at the Western Wall

We have bigger challenges in Israel. We need to continue to pull together and focus on them. Is pitting Israelis against each other (as most media reports present it) the only way for the Women Of the Wall to promote their agenda?

Respecting Women’s Voices

Women of the Wall cannot brook our existence – or the absence of the boys. This is why, while claiming to promote the advancement of women, WOW attempts to write them out of history.

I’m Anat Hoffman’s Hero

Anat Hoffman’s demeaning portrayal of Orthodoxy is apocryphal, and a device for furthering her political interests. Meanwhile, it causes real pain – to Orthodox Jewry, to Israel, to the Jewish Nation.

Ronit Peskin addressing the Jewish Federation General Assembly

Don’t miss video from the GA session, “The Wall at the Heart of Israel: How it Connects and Divides a Nation.”