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When it Comes to the Western Wall, the Conservative Movement Should Listen to its Founders!

View the full page ad that appeared in the erev Rosh Hashanah, September 20, 2017, issue of the Israeli Jerusalem Post, p. 7, and in the New York Jewish Week,…

Rebelling Against Women’s Prayer?

Women for the Wall founder Leah Aharoni met with 40 young female leaders recently and they named the Western Wall as a major area of concern. “They were very disturbed,” she said. “That is their spiritual home.”

Chicago Jewish News: The Other Side of the Wall

Peskin and co-founder Leah Aharoni are going on separate speaking tours of the United States to offer their views on the controversial Israeli group Women of the Wall and explain why they believe that group is alienating American Jews.

Rachel Avraham: Bloggers, Media Not Responsible For Graffiti, Not Connected to W4W

“Just because Peggy was the victim of a graffiti attack does not give Shira Pruce, Women of the Wall spokeswoman, the right to make false accusations against her political opponents.”

Interview with Ronit Peskin on Jerusalem Online – WOW Instigating Violence with False Accusations

In an interview with Rachel Avraham, Peskin denied the absurd accusation that W4W and journalists who spoke out against Women of the Wall are connected to the graffiti targeting Women of the Wall board member Peggy Cidor.