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Groups Slam “Incredible Hypocrisy” of Women of the Wall

“The last thing that WOW desires is for quiet, undisturbed prayer without media attention. On the contrary, their agenda is the disturbance of the prayer of others, and it is high time that the rights of the true victims be respected.”

Denying Others their Right to Pray

Today, Women For the Wall unveiled a video collection of unscripted interviews with Jerusalem residents. Though these were random interviews on the steps down to the Wall, all were unanimous in their condemnation of what they characterized as inappropriate and disruptive conduct by the Women of the Wall.

W4W to WOW: Don’t Provoke Conflict at Western Wall

It is not the rights of WOW’s few members that are at issue here, but their desire to inflict ‘change’ upon the traditional women praying in the space consecrated for traditional prayer — and whether they will trample the rights of thousands of other women to pray in their own space, undisturbed.

WOW Desecrates Torah Scroll; Caught Sneaking Sefer Torah in Duffel Bag

Today Women Of the Wall expressed disdain for sacred Jewish objects, the police, and Israeli civil law in one fell swoop.

W4W Condemns Second Defacement at Residence of Peggy Cidor

“We find it outrageous that Women of the Wall has claimed that the recent publication in the media of its leadership’s connections with radical anti-Israel groups is the cause of this terrible graffiti at the Cidor residence.”