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Respecting Women’s Voices

Women of the Wall cannot brook our existence – or the absence of the boys. This is why, while claiming to promote the advancement of women, WOW attempts to write them out of history.

Phyllis Chesler Seconds Women For the Wall

“WOW Board knows that it has driven away many Orthodox and non-Orthodox worshipers by their religious practices, non-stop desire for media attention, their willingness to criticize Israel in North America and Europe during the years of the Al Aqsa Intifada.”

Video from Western Wall

Live, today at the Western Wall: the entrances kept clear as hundreds are denied access. Buses are curtailed, children physically prevented from attending school, all so the Women of the…

Video Explains Our Position

This video was produced over two decades ago, but was provided to us with permission of the Voices of the Wall. We may be a different group of women, but…

Where the Real Misogyny Lies

by Leah Aharoni As published in The Times of Israel I was born in the most feminist of societies � Soviet Russia. For the past 100 years, it has enabled,…