When it Comes to the Western Wall, the Conservative Movement Should Listen to its Founders!

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Groups Slam “Incredible Hypocrisy” of Women of the Wall

“The last thing that WOW desires is for quiet, undisturbed prayer without media attention. On the contrary, their agenda is the disturbance of the prayer of others, and it is high time that the rights of the true victims be respected.”

Rebelling Against Women’s Prayer?

Women for the Wall founder Leah Aharoni met with 40 young female leaders recently and they named the Western Wall as a major area of concern. “They were very disturbed,” she said. “That is their spiritual home.”

Birkat Kohanot? Priestess’ blessing at the Wall?

Women and men are equal in Judaism and before G-d, but they are different and play different roles. Is that so hard to understand? You have no right to provoke, not at the Kotel.

One People One Kotel

Nothing else to add!