Sefer Torah Abuse

With its recent incursion into the main Kosel plaza, “Women Of the Wall” has made it clear that it has no interest in avoiding offense, but rather, on the contrary, is committed to being “in the face” of the vast majority of regular visitors to the Kosel for tefillah, whom it views as the enemy.

W4W to WOW: Don’t Provoke Conflict at Western Wall

It is not the rights of WOW’s few members that are at issue here, but their desire to inflict ‘change’ upon the traditional women praying in the space consecrated for traditional prayer — and whether they will trample the rights of thousands of other women to pray in their own space, undisturbed.

Fun and Games at the Kotel

t seems that the Women of the Wall and their leader Anat Hoffman have not gotten the message. Israel has changed recently. The boys, the war have brought us together. We have been trying to be more sensitive, more tolerant, and more caring. But that doesn’t always help when you need to raise money for a cause.

Anat, Don’t Ram a Bus into Israel’s Newfound Unity

The new campaign signals that WoW is not interested in compromise. Its agenda involves continuously pushing for new gains and undermining the quiet at the Kotel.

Stop the Division at the Western Wall

We have bigger challenges in Israel. We need to continue to pull together and focus on them. Is pitting Israelis against each other (as most media reports present it) the only way for the Women Of the Wall to promote their agenda?