An open letter to the Women of the Wall

Based on what I saw last Rosh Chodesh I have felt obliged to question the degree to which I support your organisation. Your lay membership greatly impressed me… Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about your leadership.

Thousands of Women Praying

Women AT the Wall

Do you know who was asking the whistle-blowers to stop? Do you know who was encouraging the people determined to disturb and attack the Women of the Wall to back down? It was Women FOR the Wall.

Do you know who invited ALL women to join in unified prayer at Judaism’s holiest site, together with thousands of other observant and non-observant Jews? Again, it was Women FOR the Wall!

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Women of the Wall ‘Corralled’ by Police

None of the young women blew a shofar or pass the Torah around, but they did say Hallel, and Mussaf, quietly. So police decided to barricade the 300 or so…

What’s Wrong with Women of the Wall?

by Ronit Peskin “What’s wrong with Women of the Wall? Why shouldn’t they be able to pray as they wish, according to their custom?” The Women of the Wall have…