What’s Wrong with Women of the Wall?

by Ronit Peskin

“What’s wrong with Women of the Wall? Why shouldn’t they be able to pray as they wish, according to their custom?” The Women of the Wall have cast theirs as a battle over religious freedom, when in reality it’s about theology. They have cast it as a fight between “fundamentalist,” ultra-Orthodox rabbis against women, when in reality it is a disagreement between women (and men) who care deeply about tradition, and a small group, motivated by feminism, who want to make unilateral changes in the most sacred site to Judaism today.

The Western Wall was liberated from the Jordanians in 1967 – from whom are they trying to “liberate” it? No, it’s not just “the rabbis.” In reality, they are trying to “liberate” the Kotel from the vast majority of women who pray there. The Holy City of Jerusalem is not Selma, and Anat Hoffman is no Rosa Parks.

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