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Women of the Wall: Keep Traditional Women away from the Western Wall!

Women For the Wall condemned today the Women of the Wall’s demand that the government prevent traditional women from praying at the Kotel, contained in WOW’s list of demands for negotiating moving to a new, third section.

Women Of the Wall: “We Were Wrong”

Women For the Wall welcomed statements by Anat Hoffman, Chair Of Women of the Wall, abandoning their previous agenda of fomenting “change” among women who disagree with their feminist agenda.

W4W call on WOW to show leadership through action

“If Women of the Wall want to become the agents of change, they should do so through action, not pronouncements, by moving to the new plaza immediately,” said Leah Aharoni, co-founder of Women For the Wall.

Statement After WOW’s “Sit-In” at the Kotel

In 24 hours, WOW has proven two things which they have previously denied: that even their “religious” activities are political in nature, and that they do not represent Jewish women.

Women For the Wall Condemns Sit-In at Western Wall

This evening, the Women Of the Wall declared a “sit-in” at the Holy Western Wall. “By organizing a sit-in at the Kotel, Women of the Wall demonstrate what Anat Hoffman has been saying for year — that WOW views the Kotel as an opportunity, and lacks reverence for the place held sacred by millions of Jews around the world,” noted Leah Aharoni, co-founder of Women For the Wall.