W4W Condemns Second Defacement at Residence of Peggy Cidor

JERUSALEM, December 5, 2013 – Women for the Wall condemns the second defacement at the home of Women of the Wall board member Peggy Cidor today.

In recent months, Women For the Wall have led a proactive media and educational campaign to reduce violence and restore dignity at the Western Wall. Women For the Wall leaders have repeatedly intervened at the Kotel to stop impertinent behavior.

“Violence of any sort has no place, period.” Said Leah Aharoni, Women For the Wall co-founder. “It certainly does not reflect the values of the Kotel. The debate over this issue must be conducted in a civil and respectful fashion.”

“We find it outrageous that Women of the Wall has claimed that the recent publication in the media of its leadership’s connections with radical anti-Israel groups is the cause of this terrible graffiti at the Cidor residence,” added Women For the Wall Director Ronit Peskin. “Women of the Wall has attempted to stifle the public debate about this important issue, based upon solid documentary evidence. They have intimidated media outlets and threatened legal action. Instead of refuting the documents or explaining them, they have embarked on a smear campaign. Their attempt to connect the publication of these facts about WoW leaders with this second graffiti attack on Cidor’s home is just another attempt to divert attention from the real issue.”

“We encourage the WOW board of the directors to conduct an investigation into the activity of its leaders,” added Leah Aharoni. “We also call on responsible leaders of the American Jewish community to examine this issue. Women For the Wall is committed to a vibrant public debate on the Kotel, its sanctity and traditions, and condemns any acts of violence on either side.”

Women For the Wall, a grassroots organization committed to preserving the consensus around the Kotel and maintaining the sanctity of the place, is dedicated to ensuring that the Western Wall can be a place for all Jews to come and pray with respect and dignity. It believes that only by preserving classical Jewish practice at the Wall can it be a place where all Jews can be welcome.