Why Women of the Wall is hurting – not helping – the “dancing girls”

Shira Pruce, PR Director of the Women of the Wall, posted a self-serving paean to the “Dancing Girls,” claiming that these Orthodox women, who were unable to hear “what is going on over the mehitza” would have been “silenced and unwelcome at the Kotel” “were it not for Women of the Wall.”

One of those women, Ale Klachko, (since seconded by several more in the comments) has wasted no time setting the record straight, stating that WoW “shattered” her “incredibly spiritual moment” — and that “I couldn’t hear anything, not because of the mechitzah, but because of Women of the Wall trying to overpower our minyan while standing right on top of us.”

None of them are (yet) affiliated with W4W, but they verify everything we have said about WoW and its true agenda.