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Women on both sides of Kotel debate to share stage

“The fact that the Women of the Wall — the supposedly more open-minded group — refused to have anything to do with or any conversation or dialogue with Women for the Wall, I found amusing, and somewhat off-putting.”

Provocation At the Wall

Commentary Magazine: WOW is used by Israel’s political left to make American Jews believe that Israel is going fundamentalist, and to bring American pressure to bear upon the Jewish State. This false picture is designed to overrule Israeli choices at the ballot box.

CS Monitor: Why new Israeli women’s group opposes feminist activists at the Western Wall

Feminist activists seeking freedom of worship at Judaism’s holiest site were once again shut out of the women’s prayer section at the Western Wall today by women who oppose their…

Women of the Wall ‘Corralled’ by Police

None of the young women blew a shofar or pass the Torah around, but they did say Hallel, and Mussaf, quietly. So police decided to barricade the 300 or so…

JTA: At Western Wall, showdown between two women’s groups

The biggest group on hand that morning was a crowd of some 5,000 to 7,000 young women standing silently in the women’s prayer area, far from the brouhaha and inaudible…