Women Pray At Wall In Peace; WOW Acts Surprised

The Women of the Wall claim that this morning they prayed at the Western Wall, and everything went smoothly. We have no reason to disbelieve this report, and, in fact, it proves the opposite of what they claim to have proven. They claim that their effort of this morning proves that it is “the protesters” (and the police’s failure to control them) that cause the disturbance each time they come.

In actuality, this proves what we have said all along. People can come to pray at the Wall, on their own, in most any way they choose, without incident. WOW has disproven its own claims that women are denied the ability to pray there, even if, as we assume they must mean, their prayer is not in accordance with the traditions of the place. [In actuality, they don’t specify. Did they wear Talitot? Tefillin? Did they come in buses and sing loudly as they came down? Were there 150 or more of them? Doubtful they did all of these, further proving that it is their behavior on Rosh Chodesh which provokes the controversy.]

This time, the Women of the Wall did not announce to the media that they would be coming. They did not aim to “see and be seen.” Their presence was not intended to shock, model, and elevate. On the contrary — they came, they did their thing, and they left. They came to pray, and if that was their regular practice, there would be no protests.

Women For the Wall encourages Women Of the Wall to continue this practice in the future… and if their intent is simply to pray as they wish, to not bother to publicize it afterwards. We have little doubt that this would restore ongoing calm to the Holy Site.