Women for Wall face off Women of Wall

by Nathan Jeffay
The Australian Jewish News

The feminist alliance fighting for the right to pray communally at the Western Wall was furious this week, after Charedi protestors successfully derailed its plan to hold a service next to the Wall.

WoW was allowed to hold its service, but in a back corner of the Western Wall plaza and, members complained, with a limited view of the Wall.

A Charedi women’s group, Women For The Wall, was instrumental in assembling the seminary girls at the Wall. It had the backing of leading rabbis, including Aharon Leib Steinman and Shmuel Auerbach.

Its founder Ronit Peskin told The AJN that WoW only had itself to blame for its exclusion from the main prayer section. “As long as they are trying to create a provocation the police does not need to allow provocations at the Western Wall,” she said.

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