Feminism Has Gotten Me Confused

by Ronit Peskin

A recent piece by Women of the Wall, ironically named “The High Road at the Western Wall” really pained me.

Instead of “taking the high road”, what the piece seemed to be doing was simultaneously blaming men (rabbis and politicians) for what bothers them, as well as attempting to invalidate thousands upon thousands of women who disagree with WoW. The post by WoW insinuates quite clearly that you can’t be upset at these women because they were just mindless sheep acting on the orders of men – rabbis and politicians.

I can’t think of something more degrading to women than invalidating their feelings and voice by insinuating that they don’t have thoughts and opinions of their own, that everything they say or do is the regurgitated opinions of men.

Part of women’s empowerment is that when women voice their feelings, you value their feelings, respect their views, and treat them as equals, and not assume that they are incapable of standing strong on their own, as women.

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