Ladies: We Need Volunteers!

Within two short months, we have changed the narrative. The media and the government now recognize that WOW is not fighting for women’s rights, but to take away our right to pray in accordance with tradition, uninterrupted by uninvited promotion of their feminist agenda.

Nonetheless, this is far from over. The Women of the Wall have used the language of combat and liberation, and will not quickly give up the fight. This is especially true after the police so blatantly placed their interests over a much larger group of religious Jews and even schoolchildren denied access to the Jewish Quarter.

We must continue, and for that we need your help. We need volunteers to lead our efforts in each of several areas. These volunteers must be truly passionate about this cause, and willing to invest at least 10 hours a month to help us.

In almost all cases we are looking for a volunteer living in Israel, with previous background in the relevant area. Information and details will be shared with interested parties.

Interested? Please use our contact form or send us a private message on our Facebook page, including relevant details from your resume and contact information (email, phone and cellphone). Alternatively, you may write to us at office at our domain name, [That’s put oddly to prevent it being picked up by spammers, you know where to put the @ sign!]

We look forward to hearing from you!