Photo Shows Minimal WOW Presence

The secular media story is all about the Women of the Wall and their prayer service, and the “conflict” with others present. But the real story was 12,000 women (according to police reports, the total was 15,000 people), praying quietly, bothering no one — just sending the message that they like the Holy Site as it is, and don’t want to be “changed” by the Women of the Wall.

This photograph shows the presence of the WOW in the crowd. It is obvious that if there was any real danger, rather than a few misbehaving boys, they wouldn’t have been able to stay there. They waved pamphlets in the air, sang loudly, and did everything they could to raise a disturbance, but yet their impact remained tiny.

Oh, and everyone to the right of them… women. Women praying next to the Wall, filling the women’s section, and all the way back through the plaza. All of them Women For the Wall.

Here’s the photo: