HaModia: Women for the Wall’s (W4W) Founder Speaks Out

Last Friday, a group called Women for the Wall (W4W) arranged a gathering at the Kosel as a response to Nashot Hakotel, or Women of the Wall (WoW), a group of women set on violating the sanctity of the Kosel by repeatedly attempting to daven at the holiest of sites in tallis and tefillin. Thousands of women responded, as well as a handful of troublemakers intent on turning a peaceful gathering into an angry protest. Hamodia spoke to Mrs. Ronit Peskin, a founder of Women for the Wall, about her group’s intent, accomplishments, and future goals.

The overall atmosphere on the women’s side was beautiful — seeing thousands of women davening together. It was very “kedushadik,” felt like we were part of something greater that reached back thousands of years. It was a very special feeling…

Women of the Wall came to be davkaniks, to make a scene, and accomplished it. They pushed their way through the thousands of daveners, with police protection, in order to have their “tefillah show” davka in the middle of the thousands of daveners, when they could have gone to Robinson’s Arch right next door and davened at the actual Kosel, where no one would bother them, and where they wouldn’t be [provoking] anyone, but they didn’t want to do that.

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