Another WoW Member Admits- This is Politics

Jewish Journal: Why did you join Women of the Wall?

Stav Shaffir: This struggle is not only about the equal right for women to pray. It is a much wider struggle, which symbolizes our fight for the freedom of religion in Israel — our freedom to live how we want to live, with our own beliefs and our own personal way of practicing Judaism or other religions. It is about how and where we choose to pray, but also about every other aspect of our lives. Nowadays, marriage, women’s rights and the most intimate, important choices of our lives are all in the hands of a small and powerful group within Judaism — the Orthodox, which many times doesn’t see, or is not respectful enough, of other forms of practices.

Another admission from WoW member that this isn’t just about wanting to pray at the Kotel, its to further their broader agenda… Which is political, and should be done in the Knesset and supreme court, not in Judaism’s most holy site.