Robinson’s Arch- The Better End of the Deal

It’s “easy for me to say” that praying at Robinson’s Arch is a perfectly viable alternative for the Women of the Wall to conduct their prayer services, when I am not planning to pray there on a regular basis.

But what about others? What do�they have to say?

Women of the Wall, please note-
“Frankly, I think Masorti got the better of the deal. It�s visually stunning. In addition to the massive retaining walls, there are huge boulders placed there that look like they were thrown down to the street outside the Temple during the destruction in 70 C.E. One can see charring on some of them from the burning that took place after the sacking. These were likely uncovered during the excavations in the Archeological Park, where Robinson�s Arch is located.

Separate but equal is an American construct, and one that in the racist context of Jim Crow was understandably rejected more than half a century ago in the United States. But Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are not in America, and the opportunity to pray in seclusion at Robinson�s Arch is not the same as being relegated to a dilapidated, underfunded public school in Little Rock.

Sometimes separate is not only equal, it�s better.”