I Don’t Get Judge Sobel

“The Regulations for the Protection of Holy Places to the Jews, dating from 1981, forbid performing religious ceremonies that are �not according to local custom� or that �may hurt the feelings of the worshipers� at the site”.

That is the law regarding the Kotel.

Judge Moshe Sobel recently ruled that what the Women of the Wall are doing isn’t illegal.

I want to know who this judge, Moshe Sobel is, because I can’t wrap my mind around how his brain works. What exactly is his definition of local custom at the kotel? And its quite clear that what the women of the wall do hurts the feelings/offends many many many people at the Kotel, and that’s the whole reason for this whole media spectacle. What I want to know is- according to him, what type of things would be forbidden religious ceremonies?