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Op-Eds by us and others who support our cause.

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An Open Letter to Lucy Sattler

Women of the Wall use lots of good catch-phrases: women’s rights, freedom of worship, Rosa Parks, pluralism, and equality. When truth seekers like yourself, Lucy, are given the chance to hear the other perspective, their past support for Women of the Wall simply melts away.

Daniel Greenfield: Did Women of the Wall Fake a Hate Crime Against Itself?

“I have no idea if Women of the Wall faked the graffiti. It certainly comes at a convenient time for them and redirects away the many questions that have been raised about the group. The Anti-Israel left has a history of faking hate crimes against itself and anyone can scrawl some graffiti on a wall.”

We Need Your Prayers!

The vast majority of women impacted by Women of the Wall feel their rights are not being fought for, but trampled upon. Join us in preserving women’s traditional, non-confrontational prayers at the Wall on Rosh Chodesh Tevet, Wednesday, December 4.

Broken Telephone

Those who say that Natan Sharansky supports women reading from a Sefer Torah in the women’s section have completely misunderstood what he said.

I’m a Feminist and the Women of the Wall Don’t Represent Me

The Israeli government was respectful enough to offer Reform Jews their own location at one of the holiest sites in Judaism in order to pray as they please.