Leah Aharoni to Speak in Rochester!

You’re invited!

Leah Aharoni
Co-Founder, Women For the Wall

Congregation Beth Sholom
1161 Monroe Ave.

“Women at the Wall: What’s at Stake for Us All.”

W4W Rochester Flyer

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W4W was formed to respond to the advocacy of another organization with a similar name – Women of the Wall (WoW). Anat Hoffman, chairwoman of WoW, has recently garnered significant publicity, both internationally and locally, in her campaign to institute changes at the Western Wall – the Kotel. Hoffman and WoW represent one side of a sensitive, complicated, and divisive issue. Leah Aharoni and W4W represent the many women (and men) who hold an opposing position on this issue — including the great majority of women who go to pray at the Wall!

Leah Aharoni is a mother of six and a co-founder of Women for the Wall (W4W), a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving the sanctity of the Kotel in the spirit of Jewish unity. W4W has succeeded in galvanizing women from all of Israel’s diverse communities to play an active yet peaceful role in maintaining the tradition of prayer at the Kotel.

Professionally, Leah is a business coach, who helps female entrepreneurs develop financially successful and emotionally rewarding businesses, while helping each client focus on her unique life mission and skill set, while cultivating the knowledge and capabilities needed for business growth. Over the years, Leah has taught entrepreneurship at various educational venues in Israel. She has also contributed as an organizer and speaker to numerous business and professional conferences and events held by Nefesh b’Nefesh, Kishor Business Network, Temech Business Hub, Israel Translators Association, and others.

Born in the former Soviet Union and brought up in New York, Leah made aliyah to Israel shortly after graduating from high school. Leah is passionate about Torah learning and self-development and has studied at Drisha, Stern College, Midreshet Lindenbaum (Brovenders), and Michlala. She currently teaches at a Women’s Bet Midrash in her community.

The position of Business Section Editor at Maariv International Online brought Leah into the world of online journalism. She writes extensively on issues of Judaism, entrepreneurship, empowerment, and women’s interests. Her writing has appeared in The Jerusalem Post, Ynet, NRG-Maariv, Allbusiness, Mint, The Jewish Press, The Jewish Journal, The Times of Israel, and a variety of local publications.


Mrs. Elisheva Berenstein: 585-734-2977
Rabbi Micah Segelman: 718-607-9154

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